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Intelligent Aeration Control System 

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 SENSARA's SICAIR algorithm performs aeration control based on 3 variables:

  • hydraulic retention time (HRT),
  • ammonium concentration and

The main difference of this system with respect to traditional aeration control systems is that SICAIR takes into account, directly, a fundamental variable such as the kinetics of respiration of autotrophic bacteria at each moment (Rn/AUR).

With these variables, the SICAIR algorithm calculates the volume of oxygen that the bacteria need at each moment and, taking into account the technical data of the blowers, calculates the minutes of operation.

Rain episodes

For these cases, in which dilutionprocesses occur, the system detectsthem by means of the globalrespirometry test and the HRT data,applying a correction factor to theaeration calculation.

Overload episodes

In the same way, when the systemdetects overload episodes, bymeans of the global respirometrytest and the plant probes(optional), a correction factor isapplied to the aerationcalculation.